Tuesday, 1 October 2013

50 Useful JavaScript and jQuery Techniques and Plugins


  • 50 Useful JavaScript and jQuery Techniques and Plugins

    We are regularly collecting useful JavaScript and jQuery snippets, libraries, articles, tools and resources and present them in compact round-ups here, on Noupe. This time we are again covering some useful JavaScript and jQuery techniques, plugins and tools that may help you improve the user experience for your site.

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  • 30 Fresh AJAX Tutorials And Techniques

    Using AJAX on websites and applications is pretty much taken for granted nowadays. Users expect it. They want to be able to edit a page in-place, they want search queries to be auto-suggested, and they want to be able to submit a form without refreshing the page. Why? Because those things make browsing quicker, easier and, more importantly, enjoyable.

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  • Free Slideshow, Gallery And Lightboxes Scripts

    For Web design projects, you may find yourself sometimes scrounging around for a simple yet useful image gallery and slideshow. But imagine having a huge collection of AJAX, JavaScript, Lightbox, CSS and Flash-based image galleries at your fingertips. Hopefully, this post will do the trick and provide all the resources you might need.

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  • A Simple Twitter App with Ruby on Rails – Building Friendships

    This is the third and final part of series on how to create a twitter style web application with Ruby on Rails. This part will cover how to add friendships between users.

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  • A Simple Twitter App with Ruby on Rails – User Authentication

    This article is the second part in a three part series. In the first part we created some basic functionality to allow the user to post messages in a similar way to Twitter. If you have not completed the first part of this tutorial, please do so now.

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  • A Simple Twitter App with Ruby on Rails – Messages With Ajax

    Ruby on Rails is a web application framework that promotes rapid development. Clients’ demands are ever increasing yet they still expect the same quality of output.

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  • How AJAX Works: 10 Practical Uses For AJAX

    AJAX has gotten more and more popular over the years, and has allowed web applications to act more and more like desktop applications. AJAX can provide a lot of additional functionality that could not be accomplished any other way.

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  • 10 AJAX-based & PHP WebMail Clients For a Great User Experience

    Employees need to access their email from wherever they happen to be – on the road, at customer sites, remote offices, and at home. WebMail clients allows receiving and sending email messages using POP3 and SMTP protocols through both local and remote mail servers. Providing secure filtering of unsafe content while viewing HTML-formatted email messages. WebMail clients can operate under different popular web platforms (PHP, ASP.NET, ruby on rails, java).

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  • 10 Smart Javascript Techniques For Manipulating Content

    Delivering informative structure is the primary task an interactive user interface should be able to cope with. The more intuitive layout structure is designed, the better users can understand the content.

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  • Most Wanted Ajax Techniques: 50+ Examples and Tutorials

    Web applications have made huge leaps and bounds in improving user experience thanks to a lot of recently developed Ajax technology. When you combine some neat functionality courtesy of PHP with the cleverness of javascript you can produce some pretty cool results. In an effort to help you take it up a notch, we’d like to share some methods for helping your site anticipate a user’s next move.

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