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40 Useful jQuery/JavaScript Popup Window Dialog Box

In this article, we would like to show you, useful jquery and JavaScript popup window dialog  box with example code download and tutorials, jquery or JavaScript pop up win•dow script is other beauty alert box that you can use those code in website design to make your website look more attractive.

There are a lots style of jquery and javascript popups box that we have collection, such as jquery popup message, jquery mouseover popup, jquery popup form, jquery modal popup, jquery login popup,  jquery help popup,  jquery popup dialog, jquery image popup, jquery popup div and more.

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1. Build a Popup Modal Window Using the jQuery

[This is] a simple little modal window, perfect perhaps for small confirmation messages as seen in the preview.


Build a Popup Modal Window Demo | Download

2. jQuery Confirm Dialog Replacement with CSS3

1 jQuery Confirm Dialog Replacement with CSS3 Demo | Download

3. jQuery Popup Login Dialog Box

2 jQuery Popup Login Dialog Box  Demo | Download

4. bPopup

bPopup jQuery is a project learning and exploration. This is a lightweight jQuery plugin cross browser context. It is not to create your popup, but do all the logic that the opening, closing, resizing and centering on scroll, creating a modal superposition etc. It can open any container that you create with all types of content. bPopup was tested in IE67-9, FF2-7, 9-10 Opera, Safari and Chrome 4-15 4-5.

4 bPopup jquery box Demo | Download

5. jQuery YouTube Popup Player Plugin

This is an easy to use jQuery Plugin to integrate YouTube videos on your page by displaying a dialog box pop-up. He used jQuery UI Dialog Widget context that the container rather than reinventing the wheel. dialogue jQuery UI is a robust mechanism for cross-browser to display a dialog box pop-up with the title bar, including a mobile box with modal behavior.

5 jQuery YouTube Popup Player Plugin Demo

6. Messi – A simple message plugin for jQuery

Messi is a jQuery plugin for displaying messages clean, elegant in a simple manner. With Messi will allow you to avoid using default JavaScript alert notifications or new windows to provide extensive information to the user.

6 Messi A simple message plugin for jQuery Demo

7. TinyBox 2 javascript modal windows

TinyBox modal box script brings a ton of new features and still clocks in under 5KB. The script now supports iframes and images natively. You can post with Ajax. Clicking ESC close the window. Callback functions can be passed to the load and close events.

7 TinyBox 2 javascript modal windows1 Demo | Download

8. Apprise – The attractive jQuery Alert Alternative

An alternative warning for jQuery that looks good. Learned is a very simple, fast, attractive and discreet to communicate with your users. In addition, it gives you complete control over the style, content, position and functionality.

8 Apprise attractive jQuery Alert Alternative Demo | Download

9. The Notifications jQuery Plugin 

noty is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to create warning, success, error, information and confirmation messages as an alternative to the standard dialog box warning. Each notification is added to a queue.

9 The Notifications jQuery Plugin


10. Simple jQuery Modals Made Easy

Reveal is awesome jquery popup box because it is easy to implement, is cross-browser compatible with modern browsers (with some graceful degradation, of course) and light coming in at only 1.75KB. What this means for you is that it’s fast, sexy and works perfectly.

10 Simple jQuery Modals Made Easy Demo | Download

11. jQuery Modal Dialog Windows

It is simple jquery dialog box for create new user account.

11 jQuery Modal Dialog Windows Demo | Download

12. Boxy – Facebook-like Dialog Overlay With Frills

Boxy is a flexible, dialog style Facebook for jQuery with support for dragging and size tweening. It differs from other overlays I’ve seen by providing an object interface to control dialogs after they were created.

12 Boxy Facebook like Dialog Overlay With Frills

Demo | Download

13. Popup Modal Window Using the jQuery Reveal Plugin

14 build a popup modal window using the jquery reveal plugin Demo | Download

14. SimpleModal jQuery Popup Box

Modal dialog with minimal styling and without additional settings. There are a few CSS attributes set internally by SimpleModal

14 SimpleModal jQuery Popup Box Demo

15. NyroModal – jQuery jQuery Popup Plugin

15 NyroModal jQuery jQuery Popup Plugin Demo

16. Facebook Style Alert Confirm Box with jQuery and CSS

16 Facebook Style Alert Confirm Box with jQuery and CSS Demo | Download

17. jQuery Facebox Fancybox Plugin 

17 jQuery Facebox Fancybox Plugin Demo 

18. jqModal – jQuery Popup Modal Dialog Plugins

jqModal is a plugin for jQuery to help you display notices, dialogs and modal windows in a web browser. It is flexible and tiny, akin to a “Swiss knife”, and is an ideal base as part of general purpose windowing.

18 jqModal jQuery Popup Modal Dialog Plugins Demo

19. jQuery modalPopLite

This is jQuery Super Lightweight, super simple popup dialog – 1.5KB. No fuss. It manages funds of discoloration and rounded corners, very simple to install and use, no complex features just a dialog box fast and simple, but effective.

19 jQuery modalPopLite Demo | Download

20. jQuery popBox with Input Box

This plugin provides a simple to use the extension for textarea popup text boxes. If you have never encountered the situation where you have a bunch of text boxes that you want the user to fill, for example in the return system of administration of a site, but it is inconvenient for the user to trying to enter text in a small box and you do not want to launch a text editor once, this plugin will automatically appear a text box for entering text.

20 jQuery popBox with Input Box Demo | Download

 21. jQuery Pop-up div on hover

21 jQuery Pop up div on hover Demo | Download

22. Grey Box Smart Window

jquery popup box

 23. Modal Confirmation Dialog Form Submit Javascript and jQuery

This is a modal dialog box that confirms the good form submission. And, more specifically, he must have wondered if their e-mail address is correct they are on the form. Typos, transposed letters, especially cause a number of undeliverable e-mails.

23 Javascript and jQuery Modal Confirmation Dialog Form Demo

24. Pop-up Survey with jQuery UI Dialog

This is a pop-up survey for a project. Simple enough, I used the jQuery dialog or not so I added a “Thank You” dialog that displays the results of the survey with a lightweight, bar graph based CSS just for fun .

24 Pop up Survey with jQuery UI Dialog Demo | Download 

25. jQuery Datepicker and Dialog To Select Date Range

This is a modal dialog box is used to allow the user to select a date range. This date range will be validated to ensure it goes from a start date is earlier than the end date. In addition, ground clearance will be completed by the datepicker that formats dates in a specific way.

25 jQuery Datepicker and Dialog Select Date Demo

26. jQuery Impromptu – alert, prompt, and confirm

jQuery Impromptu is an extension to help provide a more pleasant way to spontaneously prompt a user for input. More or less it is a great replacement for a nimble, fast, and confirm. Not only does it replace, but it can also create forms within these controls.

26 jQuery Impromptu alert prompt and confirm

27. Simple Modal jQuery Alert, Confirm Window, Lightbox and Video Box

SimpleModal is a small plugin for creating modal windows. It can be used to generate warning messages or confirm with a few lines of code. Confirm the configuration involves the use of reminders to apply affirmative action, it can operate asynchronously and retrieve the content of external pages or get content online.

27 Simple Modal jQuery Alert Confirm Window Lightbox and Video Box

28. Zebra Dialog Box  jQuery plugin

This is a modal window is a child window that requires users to interact with it before they can continue to use the parent application. Modal windows are one of the most commonly used user interface, and are used for user awareness of command to communicate important information, or to warn of errors or warnings.

28 Zebra Dialog Box jQuery plugin Download

29. JavaScript Dialog Boxes Error, Warning, Success and Prompt

This is a lightweight (~ 4.5kb) JavaScript dialog box library. The script currently offers four dialog styles: alerts, warnings, prompts and success.

29 JavaScript Dialog Boxes Error Warning Success and Prompt Demo

30. Login Modal Dialog Window with CSS and jQuery

In this example  will present how to create a simple modal dialog window with jQuery using a junction box. This tutorial requires an intermediate knowledge of CSS and jQuery. For best results, please make sure you learn the basics of JQuery.

30 Login Modal Dialog Window with CSS and jQuery Demo

31. Popup Dialog Windows using JQuery

31 Popup Dialog Windows using JQuery

32. A Popup Dialog Box for jQuery Mobile

32 A Popup Dialog Box for jQuery Mobile

33. JavaScript PopUp Window – Mootools

This is easy to use JavaScript pop-up widget. Supports drag, the content of closing, resizing, CSS, and AJAX loading.

03 JavaScript PopUp Window Mootools Demo | Download

34. Popup Window script in Javascript

DHTML Popup Window is an alternative to normal pop-ups created with window.open () function JavaScript

34 Popup Window script in Javascript Demo | Download

35. Premium jQuery Subscribe Popup

35 Premium jQuery Subscribe Popup Plugin1 Demo

36. Elegant Modal Box jQuery Plugin

Fallr is a general modal box / message window with clean UI to present a notification / confirmation / lightbox / popup / choices / attention / forms / wizard steps / welcome / notice / warning / alert / information / slider / gallery / or whatever dialog you want, in a simple and elegant way.

Elegant Modal Box Demo | Download

37. Minimize, Maximize dialog modal

Maximize dialog Demo | Download

38. jQuery Super Notice

jQuery Super Notice is a jQuery plugin that allows you to create easily nice and animated notices.

jQuery Super Notice

39. Notification Center

Notification Center is a jQuery plugin that facilitates the process of creating and managing notifications within an application.

Notification Center

40. jQuery PopBox Sign Up

3 jQuery PopBox Sign Up Demo | Download

41. jQuery Speedo Popup

jQuery Speedo Popup Demo | Download ($8)


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